What is Outpost12 Studios?

We are the midwest’s premier full service production studio.


What the heck does that mean?

It means we make everything from commercials to corporate videos, short films to interactive 3D websites. We have a team comprised of video producers, directors, sound designers, animators and even programmers.

In short it means we can help you with your project from start to finish!


Do you guys work out of a basement or what?

Actually we have over 7,100 square feet of production space! We’ve got two shooting studios, an audio booth, edit suites, and a dressing room equipped for hair and make-up. We also have a large kitchen that we can set up for catering or shooting, and a ping pong table (for those mid-afternoon creative lulls).


Oh, so can you shoot the music video that I’ve been thinking about making with my band/homeboy/child star?

Yes. But it’ll cost you more than $50. Shoot us an email with the specifics at and we will get back to you with a bid.


So… do you guys make porn?

No, our significant others probably wouldn’t appreciate that very much (unless there is a really good budget – everybody has a price!).  Actually, our specialty is animation and CGI visual effects.


Oh, so you guys make cartoons!

Yes, we make cartoons! But we also make documentaries, specialized augmented reality, TV commercials, interactive websites, trade-show videos, print ads and the occasional sandwich. But that’s in addition to a lot of other stuff. To see the breadth of our work check out our portfolio here.