We want YOU… to be a new team member.

Front-End Web Developer

Needed: A programming ninja that’s well trained in stealth code manipulation.

Training must haves:

• A strong foundation in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

• 4 year degree from Splinter’s School of Ninjutsu (or equivalent real world experience on Mount Fuji)

• Intelligence, self-motivation, and ability to become invisible


Bonus Ninja Stars:

• Unity 3D (JavaScript and C#)

• MVC (architectural pattern that turns user interfaces into weapons of control)

• CodeIgniter (you can make PHP bend to your will with this new fighting style)


If you think you can fight in our dojo, send your resume to

Interactive Designer

Needed: A pirate who can design awesome UI/UX to navigate the seas of the internet. 

Must haves:

• A strong working knowledge of front end web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

• 4 year degree in a related field (or equivalent real world experience pillaging/plundering)

• Treasure chests full of your UI/UX designs for both web and mobile

• Strong interactive design aesthetic

• Intelligence, self-motivation, and ability to drink copious amounts of rum


Bonus pieces of eight:

• Experience with designing for Unity 3D

* Peg leg, eye patch, and/or a parrot named Marv


If you think you can handle life on the high seas, send your resume to