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Excitement at Outpost12

Adios May, Hello June!
And to think, just a month ago, Lincoln was sprinkled with snow!
Now that we are officially past that winter-in-May nonsense, let’s take a peek at what we are looking forward to this summer!

Outpost12 has been bustling with new adventures: assembling characters for new animation projects, creating custom digital artwork and motion graphics for a large, eye-popping project (we’ll get to that in a minute), bringing life to an interactive website for a local company, and of course, writing the code that makes everything come together.

We are really excited for the unveiling of the aforementioned large project we’ve been pouring lots of work love into!

Later this summer, you’ll be able to enjoy concerts, festivals, outdoor markets, and movie nights in The Railyard, the 8,000 square foot brand spankin’ new addition to the historic Haymarket.

The Cube is, technically, a set of digital screens overlooking The Railyard. The screens measure 35’x15’ on one side, and 15’x10’ on the other.
Here’s where we come in:

The Cube will serve as a digital canvas, featuring our custom-created digital artwork, motion graphics, and interactive videos. Additionally, The Cube will occasionally feature movies, television broadcasts, and sporting events.


We’d love to tell you what you’ll be seeing on The Cube, but that part is still under wraps…for now.


See you later this summer at The Cube!


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