Keeping Austin Weird: Duckfaces, Walking Sticks and the Wizard Academy

What do you think of first when Austin, Texas is mentioned? From now on at Outpost12, we’ll be thinking of becoming wizards. On a recent road trip to Austin to attend ADMerica! we had the privilege of meeting the biggest walking stick we’ve ever seen in our lives, stuffing our faces at The Salt Lick, and pretending that maybe one day we’ll get that letter from Hogwarts.

We also got to meet a ton of great people at the Ad Expo at ADMerica- who all got to take a picture with us? Participants got to choose their background, a prop or two, and then pose in front of our green screen. We spent some time in the last two weeks comping these photos together- you can see the finals on our Facebook page.

Thanks Austin for a great time- we’ll definitely help keep you weird.

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