Kenexa – Once Upon A Tomorrow

For this year’s World Conference event in Orlando, FL, Kenexa wanted to do something new and special. They called on us to provide two key visual elements for use in their marketing.

First up, was a complete re-creation of a logo sculpture made out of construction paper that would reveal itself by “drawing” in, one quill at a time. For this, we called on our 3d team to painstakingly model and animate all 1500 quills that made up the sculpture. We then made extensive use of global illumination rendering techniques to make sure the end result was nearly indistinguishable from the original, physical model.

The second challenge was an interactive, realtime 3d “experience” that would take that very same logo and allow the user to manipulate the quills dynamically. For this, we turned to our custom realtime 3d engine, allowing us to push a lot of visual detail and functionality into a fun, interactive web application that could be embedded into their website.

We’re really excited and proud of what we accomplished and we did it all on a very aggressive timeline. Just another day at the office for Outpost12!

 Check out the finished piece at our portfolio page.

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