A Special Birthday Present, From Us to You

Yes, it’s that time of year again- Outpost12’s big b-day. And guess what? This time we’re turning the big oh-seven. That’s right, we turned seven years old on April 1st! And instead of throwing ourselves a huge party like last year, we decided to give you an even bigger, better, more useful present.


A new website.


I know what you guys are thinking- I would rather have the sushi! I would too, trust me. However, new year, new things, right? And a brand spanking fresh website is something that Outpost was needing in a dire way.


So take a minute and check out the new features- a sortable¬†portfolio,¬†staff pics, and especially what you’re reading now, the blog. We’ll be keeping you updated on all our new projects, what our staff is up to, and anything else cool we feel like sharing.


Sound good? Good. We’ll get you some more sushi next year.


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